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"Some paradoxes are sometimes essential in the quest for excellence. This way, we can be a global leader, invest in ultra-modern factories, deliver all over the world while controlling the supply chain on the international scale… and finally, focus on the artisanal know-how of people. This is precisely the vision that Louis Le Duff, the founder of Bridor, has been defending for over 30 years with a simple but very demanding precept: "Artisanal products combined with industrial management". It says it all in just a few words, and this is the philosophy that Bridor applies every day to accompany and satisfy the best professionals in over 100 countries in the world.

All of the product collections - Viennese pastries and breads - respect to the letter the essentials of unrivalled French bakery tradition. Constantly striving for excellence, Bridor works with the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France to develop its recipes, as well as with numerous bakers to ensure that the processes are followed to produce a high quality product, such as the famous lamination for which it is renowned. If we add to this the choice of the best products from France, such as these PDO butters from Charente with their unequalled taste, the home-made yeast and carefully selected wheat flours, it is easier to understand why enjoyment and health are on the menu of the best restaurants where French taste is celebrated.

A final result guaranteed by the choice of freezing, the most natural conservation technique which then allows for the products to be baked on site, ensuring freshness and flavour. To sum up, Bridor relentlessly defends a particular idea of French art de vivre and good food, depending daily on the value of its employees. "People are our greatest asset" Louis Le Duff would say…"