The Gourmet Breads

The Gourmet Breads

A new range of bread with a controlled irregular appearance, to look as if it has come straight out of the oven, without compromising on baking quality.

  1. 2 unique recipes
  2. A superb, honeycomb-textured centre
  3. Very good baking quality and conservation qualities thanks to a very high hydration rate (70%) and to leavening.
  4. Small packaging
  5. Not too tightly shaped so as to reveal the seams
  6. Exclusive shaping technique for irregular forms: + or – rounded and elongated

Caractère Roll 50g (With sourdough)

Caractère Large Roll 400g (With sourdough)

  • A light and original topping: fine durum wheat flour
  • Wheat sourdough
  • The exclusive Bridor blend: Gaude flour & Wheat flour

*Gaude is a flour made of toasted corn, which gives it this distinctive loaf colour and a subtle note of hazelnuts. It balances the character of the sourdough, for bread without acidity.

Cereal and Seed Roll 50g (With sourdough)

Cereals and Seeds Large Roll 400g (With sourdough)

  • Light dusting of flour for a rustic look
  • An exclusive blend of wheat flour & spelt flour
  • Unique cereal dough on a wheat flour base for a unique taste of germinated seeds and an original, softer seed texture.
  • A touch of wheat malt for a light-coloured centre

New complex mix of 9 seeds for a new organoleptic experience:

White sesame, Sunflower, Amaranth, Millet, White quinoa, Chia, Black sesame, Rolled oats, Buckwheat

Bread, an important matter

  • 94% of caterers consider it very important for their customers to judge the bread served really good
  • 91% of caterers are very attached to the authentic and artisanal appearance of bread
  • 96% of caterers choose bread based on quality (1st selection criterion)
  • 75% choose bread based on how it keeps from one service to the next (3rd selection criterion)

* Survey by Food Service Vision for Bridor : survey on the Use and Attitudes of purchasers of catering bread in France – 415 people interviewed – October 2017

A look acclaimed by consumers

  • 90% Judge them “GOOD QUALITY”
  • 91% Judge them “TRADITIONAL”
  • 94% judge the FORM “just right” (not too irregular, not too regular)
  • 85% judge the COLOUR OF THE CENTRE of the cereal and seed roll “just right” (not too pale, not too dark)

** Survey conducted on 84 restaurant consumers – September 2017

A look acclaimed by caterers

  • “Looks like bread you would get from the baker.”
  • “What’s nice is that the shape isn’t too regular, it doesn’t look overly industrial, customers have the impression it has come from the baker.”
  • “It is similar to what you get from the baker, it’s not bad at all.”
  • “We want the customer to think that it isn’t industrial, so this is good…”
  • “On the picture it looks like traditional bread.”
  • “For me it’s important for the customer to think that it isn’t industrial. It’s regular, but not overly.”
  • “I think it keeps well because I tasted it after 6 hours…”

*** Survey conducted on 6 Chefs (restaurants and caterers) who use frozen bread – September 2017