Savoury Filled Croissants

Develop your snack range with REFORMULATED French classics !

  • Large croissants (90g), to satisfy the hungriest customers
  • A lovely golden colour for very appealing croissants
  • Lovely lamination for an exceptional texture on the palate
  • Generous, rich and tasty fillings
  • Products which are easy to hold, for on-the-go consumption
  • Different and tasty toppings, for croissants that are easily identifiable Savoury

The little extra that makes all the difference => 100% BUTTER

These croissants are made with a flaky pastry dough made of 100% pure butter, which gives them a delicious buttery taste, enhances the flavour and gives them a crunchy texture !

Quand les proposer ?

  • Savoury croissants can be eaten warm or cold and will be appreciated all day long.
  • For breakfast, brunch, a meal at a table or on-the-go, our croissants can meet all meal occasions!
  • Combined with a salad and a fruit dessert, they can be the ideal complement to a balanced meal…

37540 Ham & Cheese Croissant 90g
A French-style croissant with a tasty and creamy centre, with strips of ham and an emmental béchamel sauce (18% filling).

The little extra +
A bran topping which gives the croissant a lovely golden colour and a crunch when you bite into it!

Did you know ?
Bechamel sauce is a French white sauce that gets its name from its inventor: Louis de Béchameil, head waiter of king Louis XIV.

37455 Cheese Croissant 90g
The richness of emmental at the heart of a delicious croissant, which is both soft and crispy at the same time (19% filling).

The little extra +
An emmental topping for an even more indulgent and crispy croissant…

Simple and easy to prepare: these croissants are ready to bake from frozen, delivered already proofed and egg washed. They are practical to use and guarantee freshness and flexibility all day long.

reo en

Lack of time to eat, unplanned meals, looking for a cheap alternative. There are many reasons which explain why snacking has become a habit. This is the perfect opportunity for you to diversify your activity and increase your turnover!
Here are three trends for you related to snacking…

1) Practical snacks

The first requirement for a snack is practicality! Urban consumers are increasingly adopting “handheld snacks”.

2) Healthy snacks

Quick, but healthy eating! Snacking no longer goes hand-in-hand with eating poorly: consumers are trying to eat more healthily, even during their fast meals.

3) Attractive snacks

Consumers share their meals on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Beyond their organoleptic quality, products now have to be visually attractive and appealing. Promoting products is therefore very important.