Organic range


Organic wheat flour
Bridor’s organic range is based on certified Agriculture Biologique wheat flour, a natural source of proteins. Traditional milling that respects the wheat seed.

37449 – Plain Baguette 280g

A baguette with volume, lovely scoring, beautiful honeycomb texture and a lovely creamy-coloured centre thanks to a dash of barley malt. Made with sourdough, it keeps well and also retains its taste.

Possible with a bag, contact your sales representative

37448 – Country-style Loaf 400g

An exceptional country-style loaf, full of character with a lovely appearance and wonderful honeycomb texture, as well as intense taste. The result is due to long fermentation, a rare hydration rate, leavening on a millstone (T80 wheat flour ground on a stone grinder) and the choice of polka marking so that each loaf is unique.

with PGI Guérande salt

32681 – Plain Roll 50g

Tasty roll with a slight natural oven-spring to meet the everyday needs of professionals looking for organic certified bread.

33573 – Organic Spelt, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds Loaf 450g

Bread with rich and original aromatic notes thanks to this exclusive blend of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, as well as spelt leaven. The pumpkin seed topping completes the experience with roasted notes. This bread keeps very well and comes in the ideal format for slicing for breakfast.

with PGI Guérande salt

Did you know ?

Guérande salt used in the recipe is salt of superior quality, produced in the west of France, which is acclaimed by top chefs.

Choice of flour

All of our bread is made with superior T65 wheat flour (Tradition flour), made from superior quality wheat and milled by local millers (less than 200 km)

33023 – Bag x6 Plain Rolls 50g

Our organic rolls in packaging suitable for frozen sales to consumers.

REO Bread

Organic pastries


32504 – Croissant 70g (RTB)

A tasty organic croissant made with a recipe rich in butter for a crispy and meltingly soft texture and an intense taste.

32564 – Pain au Chocolat 75g (RTB)

An organic pain au chocolat that combines the intense flavours of cocoa with the delicacy of pure butter puff pastry, for a crispy and melting result.

REO Pastries

A growing organic market


Made with as few additives as possible, Bridor organic products respect the environment and health. Through this range, Bridor commits to:

1. Selection 95% of the raw materials are from certified organic farming.

2. Production that respect traditional methods according to the Bridor method:

  • Authentic dough recipes.
  • Stress-free dough preparation.
  • Slow dough-making, laminating and shaping steps.
  • Shaped dough left to rest to aid the natural production of flavours.

3. Organic certification by ECOCERT® for each Bridor organic product.

* Except treatment agent for flour, salt, soya lecithin and yeast.


Because today’s consumption combines enjoyment, well-being and respect for the environment, Bridor offers a range of organic pastries and bread, made from certified organic flour, butter, sugar and eggs: no fertilisers, no pesticides, no synthetic chemical phyto-sanitary treatments.