Filled croissant

Bridor filled croissants, We are expanding our filled croissant range with two new 70g croissants.

  • Beautiful croissants, as golden and shiny as can be, available in 70g and 90g.
  • Colourful and attractive toppings, for flavours that customers can easily identify at a glance
  • A beautiful and consistent flaky texture, made using a “pure butter” recipe devised by Bridor
  • Generous, delectable and meltingly smooth fillings
  • An exclusive baking technique that allows for filling to be distributed throughout the croissant, for a delicious taste from start to finish

Abundant apricot filling
37458 Apricot-filled croissant 70g
36670 Apricot-filled croissant 90g
17% apricot filling, white sugar topping

Delectable cocoa-hazelnut filling
37459 Cocoa-Hazelnut-Filled Croissant 70g
36672 Cocoa-Hazelnut-Filled Croissant 90g
17% cocoa-hazelnut filling, chocolate topping

Delicious raspberry filling
36671 Raspberry-Filled Croissant 90g
17% raspberry filling, pink sugar topping

Rich pastry cream
36673 Custard-Filled Croissant 90g
20% pastry cream, yellow sugar topping