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B’Break, practical, trendy and tasty rolls!

100% enjoyment

TEMPTING VISUALS to create desire!
TASTY and GENEROUS recipes with up to 30% add-ins.
A THIN CRUST and a TENDER TEXTURE, even after several hours at room temperature.


An ideal 70g format, ideal for eating “on-the-go”, and studied to keep well.
An “all-in-one” product which saves the consumer time.

Healthy snacks

Made with bread dough that follows the CLEAN LABEL approach: free of preservatives, additives and colourants.

100% flexibility

Designed to be eaten on their own, or as an accompaniment or as a base for making toasts and other creations!
Perfect for every moment of consumption, from breakfast to appetizer.

and zero constraints – FULLY BAKED

Easy to use: just 45 minutes to defrost and they are ready to serve!
MINI PACKAGING: 40 pieces/box.

B’Break Cocoa-Chocolate chips (The indulgent one)

The traditional and must-have “total chocolate”!
Cocoa powder for an intense taste and a very appealing and tempting visual.
A large quantity of chocolate chips with at least 50% cocoa.

B’Break Muesli (The energetic one)

For a break that combines enjoyment and balance.
“Home-made” muesli mix made from 5 cereals and dried fruits (free of preservatives), enhanced with a dash of honey for a naturally sweet note. (Honey, Raisins, Dried apricots, Whole hazelnuts, Cranberries, Rolled oats)

B’Break 2 Olives & Rosemary (The Mediterranean one)

The year-round must-have.
A dash of rosemary & a splash of extra virgin olive oil to enhance the taste.
A generous blend (30%) of green olives and black olives.

BBreak Chorizo (The sunny one)

Based on this Spanish speciality which has become a must-have.
Very high-quality chorizo, free of colourants and smoked over beech wood.
Paprika, a colourful spice, for a lovely appetising colour and a mild and fragrant note.

Rolls for every moment.


Breakfast is essential for getting the day off to a good start, and more and more it is being eaten on the move. It represents a genuine source of growth for the catering industry, which needs to adapt its offer to appeal to consumers with multiple expectations.


Consumers want more and more variety…ultra-tasty, but better balanced, in keeping with the “well-being” trend. To accompany a salad, for a well-rounded LUNCH BREAK. Serving your salad with a savoury B’Break is the ideal weapon to stand out and to meet consumers’ expectations, who want a “well-being” and hearty offer!
Breakfast or a snack TO TAKE AWAY! A snack that combines balance and taste!


The snack trend is constantly growing, with new times of consumption: afternoon snacks and appetizers.

A popular moment for sharing!

…or a complex-free AFTERNOON SNACK
With the B’Break, offer well-being and enjoyment!

Opt for assortment boards:B’Breaks are convenient to serve and are the ideal solution to add an original and differentiating touch to your appetizers.