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Understanding our collections


Bridor Une Recette Lenôtre Professionnel

This partnership of over 20 years has developed around shared values: high standards, excellence, and creativity. These exclusive recipes have been dreamed up by the Master Bakers of LENÔTRE to create Viennese pastries made only with pure butter, with delicate flavours and exceptional puff pastry. Each production is certified by the Quality Department of Lenôtre, a guarantee of compliance and a signature of excellence. This prestigious brand, designed for Chefs by Chefs, is today available throughout the world to our most demanding clients.

Éclat Du Terroir

Drawing inspiration from French pastry-making tradition, Éclat du Terroir distils Bridor expertise into a selection of exceptional Viennese pastries. A recipe made exclusively with pure butter, with gentle and steady dough lamination and long proving times for a puff pastry of exceptional quality in terms of both texture and flavour, and a wealth of natural aromas. A unique experience which combines all the senses: a lovely golden colour, delicate crispiness, a characteristically firm texture and a final, unique caramel butter note.

Les Créations d'Honoré

A rich and complex recipe resulting from 30 years of expertise in Viennese pastry-making. The perfect balance, resulting from the association of wheat sourdough, milk and the right amount of fine butter, for a croissant and pain au chocolate with melting texture and fine and delicate puff pastry. A creation which offers a unique aromatic experience, with intense and persistent milky notes.

The Success

The Success croissant and pain au chocolate stand out thanks to the use of carefully selected ingredients: fine butter, pasteurised whole milk and pasteurised whole eggs. A special recipe for delicate, flavourful notes, airy puff pastry, and an exceptional tender texture.


Delicious Viennese pastries made with a recipe rich in fine butter for a crispy and meltingly soft texture and an intense taste.


A new range of Viennese Pastries made using a unique recipe, where the splash of milk and cream add intense flavours in the mouth. Combined with a pure butter crisp flaky pastry, this recipe results in very crispy Viennese pastries with a soft and golden heart.


These simple and affordable Viennese pastries are dainty in texture, made with fine butter.

Mini delights

Indulgent Viennese pastries in mini sizes to multiply the enjoyment and moments of consumption.

Maxi delights

A unique experience of pleasure with creative, generously sized Viennese pastries. Viennese pastries made with chocolate, fruit, or custard cream or reinvented with unique recipes for a truly delicious range.


When French baking expertise is inspired by trends from here and afar, to offer Viennese pastries rich in flavours.